Time Machine 90s: The Minds Eye (1990) Film Review

The Mind’s Eye is a compilation of experimental computer animations from when such technology was in its early infancy. The animations are from various studios, having been arranged in a sort of “2001” evolution-timeline theme, and set to synthesized music. These pioneering CGI projects later gave rise to films such as Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Antz, and Shrek. – From IMDB

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This is quite possibly, the trippiest thing I have ever watched. This short film doesn’t tell a story so much, as is it used to display the different animation styles of multiple artists, and show what digital animation could be capable of producing. And while it is amazing to see where the art of digital animation came from, some of the visuals here are just plain weird.

There is no cohesive style throughout the film, so whereas the opening scenes, showing a very primitive earth, when all life was microscopic, and lived under the sea, were very dreamlike and ethereal, by the time we get to dinosaurs, we get Mecha-TRex, as you can see above. And the styles don’t become any more cohesive as we go along.

The film does follow a rough evolutionary timeline, 2001: A Space Odyssey style. And you can see that developing as we go through the film, but most of the time I was too distracted by the bizarre visuals, to really take in what was happening on screen. There also isn’t any dialogue, or even sound effects. The whole thing is set to some pretty new-agey synth music. Adding to the trippy, bizarre feeling of the whole thing.

I got to the end as almost wanted to watch it again straight away to see if I could get more out of it, and see things I may have missed the first time, but resisted. This is too weird to watch twice back to back at 9am in the morning. But rest assured I will be checking this out again, if only to re-experience the weirdness of it.

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Final Rating: 3 Stars


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